OKO was created to bring eco-friendly alternatives to the everyday bathroom and personal care item. We have so much plastic waste in our bathrooms; shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, soap bottles, deodorant, creams, make up wipes and so many more items.

Our mission is to eliminate all that plastic and bring you some awesome alternatives.

We are bringing you a place where you can shop beautiful products from various brands that are in line with our mission and values.

We want to bring you items that just happen to be eco-friendly so you don’t have to compromise.


OKO was founded by passionate eco-friendly advocate Beth Williams in 2018. 

Whilst travelling around South East Asia, Beth was astonished by the amount of rubbish in these beautiful countries, both in landfill and in the ocean. It was clear to see that OUR single use plastics were ending up in THEIR oceans.

“When I arrived on the beautiful island of Koh Rong, Cambodia I was speechless. Looking down at the sea all I could see was plastic, rubbish. It is safe to say I didn’t shut up about it for the duration of our trip. I could not believe that we could possibly be destroying this beautiful world with our waste. I was determined to find a solution to this horrific reality”.



Vegan friendly - as many vegan products as possible on offer

Reusable - products you can use again and again, or give a second life around your home

Biodegradable - products and packaging, we love stuff that naturally biodegrades

Recyclable - all our brands offer 100% recyclable products

Natural - we only want products that are 100% natural with no nasty stuff

Cruelty Free - we love animals. End of.

UK Made - We support UK manufacturers AND it’s better for our Carbon Footprint

Paraben & SLS Free - Yuck - Parabens and SLS are horrible.

Palm Oil Free - We are trying our hardest to completely eliminate Palm Oil. A couple of our products contain sustainable palm oil but we are on a mission to completely eradicate it.

Plastic Free - We hate plastic and we know you do too so we will tell you which of our amazing products are 100% plastic-free. There are a couple of our brands that aren’t 100% plastic-free, but their products are 100% recyclable and are working towards becoming plastic-free.