All of our brands and OKO own products have 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging.


Boxes: Our boxes are called Enviro-Box they are a sustainable and reliable alternative. The UK’s most environmentally friendly boxes. 90% of these boxes are made from recycled contents.

Jiffy bags: Our jiffy postal bags are the most eco friendly on the market, they are made from 65% recycled paper and are 100% compostable and plastic free.

Infil, Ecoflo: Ecoflo is the UK’s leading environmentally friendly void fill packaging material. Ecoflo is manufactured from cornstarch and is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Do the test and hold one of your ecoflo loose fills under the tap and see how quickly it disappears into nothing. We love this stuff!

Stickers: Our stickers are 100% recyclable.

Marketing Material: All marketing material is 100% recyclable.

Tape: We use paper tape so guess what its recyclable and biodegradable. No plastic here. The paper tape we use is completely acid free and 100% vegan friendly.


 Individual product packaging is explained within our online shop.