Make-Up Removal Plastic-Free Gift Set


Our gorgeous Plastic-Free Make-up Removal Gift Set is a great way to make a simple switch to a routine that is typically full of plastic. This is a great, Plastic-Free way to remove your make-up with our Flawless Micellar Water, Tabitha Eve Makeup Rounds & Tabitha Eve Konjac Sponge

Our Gift Set includes: 

  • Flawless Micellar Water: This Micellar water is great for removing make-up and it comes in a recyclable glass bottle with an aluminum cap
  • Tabitha Eve Makeup Rounds: Reusable Organic Cotton make up rounds, great for removing makeup and cleansing the face
  • Tabitha Eve Natural Konjac Sponge: The natural Konjac Sponge is a great alternative to the natural sea sponge (which is a living creature!). This sponge is made from the root of a konjac plant and is hard until moistened when it becomes silky soft. Beautifully gentle, even soft enough for babies and great for applying facial washes and even for removing makeup
Our Gift Sets come in a natural, recyclable cardboard postal box with wood wool infill which is 100% biodegradable